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Butler Adult Education does not have a formal Alumni organization; however, students frequently return to the program to visit. In addition, a student representative sits on our Advisory Board and alumni are frequently asked to visit an orientation or class and share with new students their experiences in the program.

December 2010 Student Comments

I love coming to Adult Ed they really help me learn a lot. If I had resources to keep the school opened I would use it on the teachers so they could keep teaching. The teachers are helping me get a better future.

Elizabeth H.

To whom it may concern. This program was recommended to me by my son who received HIS GED from the same program. After raising four children it now my turn to achieve some goals of my own. I couldn't have done it without the staff here at Butlers Adult Ed program.

Thank you
Debbie F.

Going to this school has helped me in many ways. It has helped me by getting me ready for my OPT. I would help in any way to keep this school going maybe a little money here and there or something.

Alex B.

Butler Adult Ed has helped me in many different ways it has made me learn more things I never could have imagined knowing. It has also showed me that if I work hard in school I can be anything.

Candace C.

I haven't been here long and don't know many people, but I've been here everybody has been very helpful and enjoyable. It is not like school where you can't have your input or feel awkward or scared to ask questions. I enjoy coming and will continue to till I receive my diploma.

Garrett W.

Butler Adult Education classes have helped me a lot. The short time I've been here I've already learned so much. I especially like the other classes/courses they give like technimedia and keytrain. I also like the way I can or am easily able to transfer from my GED class to college once I'm done.

Olivia M.

The program is great, the teachers are very good. They teach us in a way is easy to understand. They work with you to get you past the point you need to work on. They support you and push you hard.

Steve M.

I have learned a lot since coming here. The instructors really help you, if you have problems with something they try to help you understand. One thing I have noticed is the shortage of books, I would like to see more of them so people don't have to share.

Kimberly T.

I am a non-traditional student that has been out of school for more than three decades. Butler Adult Ed has helped me recover, and gain skills that I have lost, or have not developed. By obtaining these skills at Butler Adult Ed. I feel that I have a greater chance to receive my diploma, continue on with my education, and better performance at the work place.

Thank you Butler Adult Education
Dwight S.

If the Adult Education program were to be closed I'd be very let down. This program has helped me with all five subjects and has kept me motivated. I really appreciate this program, and I'd really be hurt to see it be closed.

Jenna P.

If this Adult Education program was to close. I would tell the government we need this program. I can't afford any other program. I just need to cram and learn as much as I can.

Casandra K.

This program has helped me more than any other I have seen because the instructors did for me what was needed as an individual at age 51 to help me learn what I need to learn to pass the GED. In my day a person didn't need a high school diploma to get a good job, and now – after working 32 years in aircraft I have to have this. By the way, it was not my personal fault that I didn't get a diploma and I'm looking for a permanent position. I was serving my country at age 17 and was laid off after 17 years with a company.

Mark L.

The teachers here are helping us learn towards bettering out education. It is an amazing program and it has helped me a lot. Please continue funding the program.

Tyarra J.

The program has given me the opportunity to better myself as an individual, also it would benefit many others like myself to have the opportunity to better themselves.

Dean A.

I would say that by doing so they would be limiting themselves as well as us. They would lose potential workers, without jobs we couldn't and increase revenue. It's an all around benefit for everyone.

Jayme S.

Well I would tell the government that they would be making a big mistake if they stopped funding the program because this program helps adults of any age get the diploma they deserve so that they can go to college and get a good career for their future. If we didn't have this program then adults would feel unhappy because they wouldn't know what to do about a future career goal without the diploma


I would say that this program has helped a lot of people including me to get their GED or has almost gotten me my GED and I'm almost there so you can't close this program.

Casey E.

I believe this program gives people of all ages the opportunity to continue their education. It helps give people succeed and achieve their goals. People that didn't make the best decisions while younger not get another chance at making their dreams they once had come true.

Sarah M.

I would say, if it wasn't for this program I wouldn't of been able to get my GED. When I first was considering my GED I bought a very thick GED book, it was very overwhelming to me until I found this program. They have helped me in all five subjects, and I wouldn't of been able to do it without this program.

Richard R.