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Career Exploration Checklist and Calendar

___ Enroll in Career Planning (PD100), a one credit hour elective course.

___ Utilize the Self Exploration websites from the career links on the Butler website and take a personaliity test to get more insight into your interests and work related values and how they relate to careers.

___ Make a list of the majors/careers that you want to research further.
___ Seek input regarding the majors/careers you are considering with your family, friends, teachers, etc.
___ Meet with an academic advisor to discuss the courses you should take in the spring semester based on the preliminary majors that you are considering.

___ Explore the Career Exploration career links on the Butler website to gather additional information about the majors/careers you are considering.
___ Using the information from the career websites, make a list of all of the positive and negative features of the majors/careers you are considering. Eliminate any majors that you no longer wish to consider. Don’t eliminate too many! You want to be sure to leave your options fairly open this early in the academic year.

___ Study for finals!
___ Continue to explore career related websites.

___ Begin checking into the academic requirements for the majors/careers you are considering. How many years of college does each career require? What majors are appropriate for each career? What courses are required for each major? Click here for Butler degree requirements and course descriptions.
___ If you plan to continue your education after Butler, what universities offer your major? —What are the entrance requirements for the universities? Click here for transfer information or visit with an academic advisor who can refer you to resources that will help you answer these questions.

___ Continue to gather information from career related websites.
___ Again revise your list of majors/careers listing the positive and negative features of each. Narrow your list of potential majors/careers to your top three or four.
___ Meet with an academic advisor to discuss the courses you should take in the summer &/or fall semester based on your narrowed list of majors.

___ Begin thinking about volunteer opportunities that can provide you with some experience in the career area you are considering. Check out www.volunteermatch.com

___ Visit with instructors who teach courses that are required for the majors you are considering. Ask the instructors what career options are available for the major. Also ask for names and phone numbers of people working in the career field.
___ Contact these people to set up an informational interview. Click here for a list of questions you could ask. Also ask them if it would be possible to “shadow” them on the job. Some companies will allow you to observe employees in the work setting for a day or for a few hours.
___ Contact the Cooperative Education Office to discuss the possibilities of internships and/or earning elective credit for on the job experience. Make sure that you also check with an academic advisor regarding the transferability of Cooperative Education credit to the universities you are considering.

___ Begin looking for a job that can develop the skills necessary for the careers you are considering. Register with Butler's online career center to view job postings.

___ Study for finals!
___ Contact the Student Career Services office if you need help with resume writing &/or polishing your interviewing skills.
___ Make final arrangements for job shadowing, internships, and/or volunteer work over the summer.
___ Develop an action plan for the upcoming academic year that details exactly what steps you will take each month to narrow your list of potential majors to one!
___ Contact the Butler Advising Office for help at any time!

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