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Courses that Meet General Education Requirements

Laboratory Science

AG 220 Crop Science (for agriculture program students only)
PDF Logo BI 110 General Biology
PDF Logo BI 120 Majors Biology I (Animal)
PDF Logo BI 130 Majors Biology II (Plant)
PDF Logo BI 240 Anatomy and Physiology
PDF Logo BI 250 Microbiology
PDF Logo CH 105 Basic Chemistry
PDF Logo CH 110 Chemistry I
PDF Logo CH 115 Chemistry II
PDF Logo PH 103 Descriptive Astronomy
PDF Logo PH 130 Basic Physics I
PDF Logo PH 143 General Physics I
PDF Logo PH 146 General Physics II
PDF Logo PH 251 Physics I
PDF Logo PH 252 Physics II
PDF Logo PS 100 General Physical Science
PDF Logo PS 102 Physical Geology

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