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Judging Team Reaches New Heights

2000-2001 Livestock Judging Team

Back Row (L to R): Dusty Furrow (Freshman) Great Bend, KS; David Gordon (Sophomore) Middletown, MD; Greg Horner (Freshman) Hampstead, MD; Robert Voice (Freshman) Saskatchewan, Canada; Billy Stein (Sophomore) Wichita, KS.

Middle Row (L to R): Patrick Mullinix (Sophomore) Woodbine, MD; Shane Werk (Freshman) Herman, MN; Terryl Mueller (Sophomore) Yates Center, KS; Brent Jennings (Sophomore) Camden, NC; Shane Bedwell (Freshman) Medicine Lodge, KS; Jeremiah Darr (Sophomore) Douglas, WY.

Front Row (L to R): Chris Mullinix (Coach); Rebecca Warfield (Freshman) Mt. Airy, MD; Jenny Biser (Freshman) Keymar, MD; Shellie Moore (Sophomore) Modoc, KS; Marsha Johnson (Sophomore) Emporia, KS; Erin Roach (Sophomore) Centreville, MI; Lauren Allen (Freshman) Grower, MO; Wendy Lynn (Sophomore) Coffeyville, KS; John McCurry (Freshman) Burrton, KS.

The Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team recently returned from their final competition of the year in Houston, Texas. With that return came the conclusion of the most successful year in the history of a program which is always among the nations elite. Butler students competed in 12 national competitions during the judging season, which began in late August. For the fourth consecutive year Butler's judging team finished amongst the contest top 10 teams in every competition, ranking no lower than sixth at any outing.

"I think that speaks quite highly of the amazing talent and consistency of our students. We compete every time out against 30 or more junior college programs that each have enough ability to win contests. To rank no lower than sixth at any competition is an amazing accomplishment. No program in the country can match that statistic," stated Coach Chris Mullinix.

The year included 11 top five team finishes, 10 times amongst contest top three and 6 Champion or Reserve Champion honors returning to El Dorado. Along the way, Butler placed 33 individuals amongst the top 10 in the contests in which they competed. True to form, they upheld Butler's rich tradition in oral reasons ranking no lower than fourth in any contest. The two most impressive victories included the American Royal in Kansas City and the North American International Livestock Exposition held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Coach Mullinix was obviously elated by those victories. "Winning two majors in the same year is a feat very few programs can boast of. Especially those two events! It takes a tremendous effort on the part of each student to accomplish what we have this year. It has been a total team effort. They have made themselves exceptional speakers and evaluators and in the process brought tremendous recognition to Butler. "

Coach Mullinix insists that the success of the program revolves around his ability to recruit good students. This group certainly drives home that point. The group of 11 sophomores and 9 freshman currently maintain just shy of a 3.6 grade point average and each is on track for graduation. Additionally, they take on various leadership roles both on campus and in their communities.

"These are just great young people, from great families who are talented and focused on their goals. The victories are just a result of their will to succeed. This team has set a new standard for future teams to shoot for. It's been a phenomenal year for this program. It's certainly one I will never forget. "

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