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Butler of Andover Frequently Asked Questions


What classes are offered?
Available Courses. We offer many of the basic courses required for most any degree. These are classes in areas such as Communications, Natural Sciences, Math, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Physical Education.

How do I get to campus?
See our Campus Maps .

When do I need to pay?
Pre-enrolled students must pay by the date listed on their class schedule. Students enrolling after that date must pay at the time of enrollment. Payment plans can be arranged.

Where do I get my books?
Books may be purchased at the Andover Bookstore located in the 5000 Building.

When is the last day I can drop and still get my money back?
You can withdraw from a class with 100% refund anytime before the class starts. If the class has already started and you are early enough for a refund- you will be charged a $10 drop fee. The rule is that a student may withdraw from a class and still get a refund as long as it is before 1/16 of the class time. Since we have so many different class lengths running, it is best to consult with an Academic Advisor to ensure accuracy of this date. For some courses (distance learning) this date may be before the class has even met.

When is the last day I can drop at all?
As stated above, this date is hard to pinpoint without knowing the length of the classtime. The standard is that you can not be past 9/16 of the class time. This may be before the second class period for some distance learning classes. It is best to consult the Academic Advisor for specific date information.

Where are the other sites that have classes?
See our web page for Campuses.