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Bob Broyles

Bob Broyles

Hi, I'm Bob Broyles, and I teach Anatomy and Physiology and General Biology at Butler of El Dorado. I began my college career at a Community College, earned my BA in Biology and my MS in Biology at Wichita State University.

I am excited to be teaching here at Butler, a quality school with wonderful faculty and staff!
I am passionate about the natural world, and I try to incorporate this excitement in my teaching. I am fascinated by the wonder of the human body -- how the systems and structures function together to maintain health and vitality. I am equally excited about birds and their ecology, particularly birds of prey. My graduate research was the nesting ecology of the Cooper's hawk, Accipiter cooperii, in south central Kansas. I am also fascinated with spiders and snakes, and I teach a non-credit course here at Butler where we discuss the importance of these misunderstood yet vital "underdogs" of the natural world.

I am a Master Gardener and enjoy organic gardening. I also have an interest in landscaping for wildlife, including the restoration of tall-grass prairie with native prairie plants originally adapted to our climate.

Most importantly, I am here for you, the student, to help you succeed in your endeavors at Butler Community College. I am thrilled to be here to assist you on this leg of your journey through life in any way possible!