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Advantages (Benefits to the Student)

Advancing on the job can be a real challenge in today‘s economy, especially if you don‘t have anyone to negotiate on your behalf. If can be a difficult situation, but a Co–op is a good way to gain responsibility and grow professionally on the job.

Earn more money

Starting salaries for Cooperative Education/Internship graduates are on the average 15–20 percent higher than non–Cooperative Education graduates.

Resume Builder

Promotes faster progression in responsibilities. Co–op students are often able to build new skills at their current job, which leads to an enhanced and strengthened resume.

Helps establish interest and career goals

Provides clarity of students‘ academic, personal, and career goals. The supervisor, instructor, and student work to set goals for the student at the worksite. These goals combined with the homework assignments help the student to get a better understanding of what direction they want to go.

Learn job–search skills

Teaches students valuable job–search skills such as resume writing and interview skills.

Test classroom theory

Allows students to test classroom theory in the real world.