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Employer Program Evaluation

Supervisor: The purpose of this brief evaluation is to provide the college faculty and administration the necessary feedback to improve or maintain programs at the highest quality possible. Please take three minutes to complete the form below by circling the most appropriate response, as it applies to your experience this semester with the Cooperative Education program. Your written comments will also be appreciated.

SA = Strongly Agree A = Agree D = Disagree SD = Strongly Disagree NA = Not Applicable
Evaluating List
1. The college office was helpful in providing me information or assistance.
2. I have had adequate contact from the faculty coordinator this semester.
3. The faculty coordinator explained my responsibilities completely.
4. Any forms required of me were easy to understand and complete.
5. For me personally, this semester was a worthwhile professional experience.
6. Being involved with Cooperative Education was worthwhile for my company/organization.
7. The student took the Cooperative Education requirements and responsibilities seriously.
8. The student seemed to make satisfactory progress on his/her career path.
9. The training plan was a useful tool and resulted in student growth on the job.
10. I would be agreeable to having additional students participate in Cooperative Education.

11. If you would like to receive more information from the SCES Job Developer, call (316) 321-4030 or email at showell@butlercc.edu.
12. Please make at least one comment regarding your involvement in the Cooperative Education program.

This form is intended to be anonymous and may be faxed or mailed. Your prompt response is sincerely appreciated.

Cooperative Education
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Phone: 316-323-6922
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