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Emergency Medical Services Education

EMS Twin Towers Memorial BadgeDo you want to become a competent, caring, pre–hospital care provider of basic life support care to ill or injured patients? Learn patient assessments on trauma and medical patients, how to manage wounds and bleeding, and how to immobilize fractures. Learn how to perform CPR, use automated external defibrillators, and administer certain medications in the pre–hospital setting! Become an Emergency Medical Technician! Enroll in AH 110 EMT (9 credit hours) and AH 212 EMT–Skills (3 credit hours)

Every EMT student has a Program Orientation in El Dorado the Saturday before the semester starts

contact info
Name: Jeb Burress, BA, AEMT, I/C, EMS Education Coordinator
Building: 5000
Office: 5108S
Phone: 316–218–6269 &
Ext. 6269
E-mail: jburress@butlercc.edu