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General Admissions & Enrollment Information

The following applicants may be admitted:

1. Graduates of accredited high schools.
2. Individuals who have completed the General Educations Diploma (GED) TEST.
3. Any person who can benefit by a course or program of instruction, providing his/her high school class has graduated. Individuals must have a GED or high school diploma to be eligible to graduate from Butler. However, students may begin some coursework depending on their educational background and goals. We recommend checking with an advisor.

Methods for Enrolling

Enrollment Check List:
  • Do you have a current application on file? If you did not attend in the term prior to enrolling, you will need to complete an enrollment update form.
  • Do you have an Educational Plan? Visit with an academic advisor for assistance in developing a plan for success.
  • Do you plan to take an English or math course? If you do, you must take the ACT or ASSET/COMPASS test before enrolling in a math or English course or provide a college transcript showing completion of the prerequisites for the course(s) in which you plan to enroll. See placement testing for more information.
  • Courses with prerequisites will be strictly monitored. Courses taken at other institutions to fulfill these requirements need to be submitted to the Registrar via an official transcript prior to enrolling.
  • Do you plan to enroll online? If so, contact an advisor each semester to develop or check on your Educational Plan and to have your registration account enabled. (For more information see pipeline information or visit pipeline@butler. )
    Remember: If registering online you, as a student, take responsibility for the implementation and fulfillment of your Educational Plan. Advisors are available to assist you in meeting your educational goals and aspirations.
  • Can I enroll at any location? If you choose to enroll in person rather than online, you can enroll at any location with the exception of McConnell. If you are interested in classes at McConnell Air Force Base, contact a McConnell advisor. Due to military regulations,
    international students are not allowed to take courses at McConnell Air Force Base.
  • How do I know if my Butler application is current? If you did not attend Butler the previous semester, you need to fill out an enrollment update form.
  • Are there deferments by third party payments? Tuition payments deferred by third party payments must have written authorization from paying party.
  • What if I need to simultaneously drop and add? During the refund period, students wishing to change their schedules will be charged a $10 service fee. Students who withdraw from a course after the refund period and add another course, no refund will be given for the dropped course. Drops and withdrawals are not accepted via phone.

Enrolling on the Web

Pipeline is your central source for Butler information. Besides providing convenient, easy access to email and college announcements, Pipeline offers you numerous ways to enrich your student life. Services include: adding and dropping classes, online transcripts and grades, financial aid and account information, record updates, and much more!

How to get started:

1. Go to Butler’s homepage at www.butlercc.edu.

2. Click on the pipeline@butler link at the top of the homepage.

3. Refer to the navigational links for help with pipeline@butler.

4. Login to pipeline by entering your username and password. Your username is the first initial of your first name and usually the first seven digits of your last name. (i.e. Linda Johnson = ljohnson) Those with common last names, such as Johnson in the example above, may have a
number substituted as the last character of his or her user name (i.e. Lynn Johnson=ljohnso2) to signify a different user. Your initial password is your six-digit birthdate (i.e. 050180 = May 1, 1980). If you have problems logging into pipeline@butler, please contact our helpdesk at

5. After logging in the first time, a screen will appear telling you your password has expired. You must choose and confirm a new password. Your new password must be at least four (4) characters but no more than ten (10) characters (letters and numbers) that only you can
remember. DO NOT share your new password with anyone else!

6.Next, a Personal Profile screen will appear. In accordance with Campus Pipeline’s privacy policy, they will not transfer your Personal Profile to any third party without your explicit permission. They use this information to improve the product and to personalize content or marketing activities so they are relevant to your interests and your educational needs.

7. You should now be at the “My Pipeline” page that displays your personal greeting. Personal and Campus announcements along with other news features are viewed from here.

8. Click on the School Services tab at the top of the screen to obtain Student Service options. Your current class schedule will be displayed on this page. To obtain all other Student Services information, click on the Student and Staff Services option at the top part of the screen. Note: Obtaining a Username and Password will only allow limited access to Pipeline. To enroll or drop classes you will need to have an advisor enable your registration account.

How to access registration pages:
To add and drop classes through Pipeline you will need to contact an advisor each semester to have your registration account enabled. Call 316-322-3163 or email advising@butlercc.edu to contact an advisor.

** Don’t forget to log out when you’re finished by clicking the “Logout” icon and closing your browser. This will ensure your records are secure.

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