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Introduction to Teaching Online

Contact Linda Wapelhorst, lwapelhorst@butlercc.edu, to register. Registration for the summer 2012 session is now open.

The Instructional Technology Department offers a 5 week Introduction to Online Teaching course to Butler faculty who have been identified as potential online instructors. If you are interested in taking this course, complete the application, have it signed by your dean and return it to our department at least two weeks before the workshop is scheduled to begin. Please read the Introduction to Teaching Online Participant Guidelines for further information.

This course is delivered completely online using ANGEL - the course management system Butler uses for all online instruction. Each session is limited to 15 "students".

You will never have to meet face to face. All work may be conveniently completed in your office or at home. Activities are assigned for each unit but may be completed on your time schedule within the course of each week..

If you are interested in teaching an online course or a blended course for Butler, completion of this online course is required.

Enrolling, participating and completing the course allows you, the "student", to experience what online education is all about. You will review class lectures, notes and labs online, engage in both synchronous and asynchronous discussions, take self-quizzes and tests, send assignments via dropboxes and develop your own course pages and activities.

The purpose of this course is twofold:

to provide fundamental information related to effective teaching at a distance, particularly, online teaching

to provide hands-on experience with a course management system

Six main topics are introduced in the course:

Basics of Teaching and Technology

The Online Community College Student

Planning and Developing an Online Course

Fostering Communication and Collaboration in Online Teaching

Copyright and Academic Honesty in Online Education

Assessment in Online Teaching

The textbook does not contain information on creating web pages, but skill in this area will enhance the look and feel of any web-based course. Therefore, students will be asked to create 3 to 4 simple web pages using the HTML Editor in ANGEL.

TEXT: A Fieldbook for Community College Online Instructors
by Kent Farnsworth and Teresa Brawner Bevis
Community College Press, Washington, DC.

Butler faculty may check out one of several copies from: 

Linda Wapelhorst, BOA Rm. 5107N, 316.218.6202, lwapelhorst@butlercc.edu

or Meg McGranaghan, BOE Rm. 647, 316-733-3345, megmcg@butlercc.edu.

The Instructional Technology Department offers the course each semester:


Fall 2012: September 7 - October 11, 2012

Registration closes August 27, 2012

Spring 2013: TBA

Summer 2013: TBA

Contact Linda Wapelhorst, lwapelhorst@butlercc.edu, to register for Introduction to Teaching Online.

Instructional Technology Staff

Meg McGranaghan (322.3345) megmcg@butlercc.edu

Linda Wapelhorst (218.6202) lwapelhorst@butlercc.edu

Roberta Sheahan (322-3271 or 733-3271) rsheahan@butlercc.edu

Andrea Scharenberg (323-6973 or 218-6973) ascharenberg@butlercc.edu

Beth Cunningham (316-218- 6354) bcunningham@butlercc.edu

The course may also be taken by non-Butler faculty with the tuition price of $200.

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Meg McGranaghan
Director of Instructional Technology
Butler Community College
El Dorado, KS