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  1. Federal Tax Employer Identification Number - FEIN
  2. If you are a sole proprietorship with no employees and do not file excise or pension tax, you do not need a FEIN number. Instead, use your security number as the taxpayer identification number. Some banks request that you furnish a FEIN number for your business account: Click here for information , and you can apply for a number even if you are not required to obtain one. To obtain an FEIN, apply at the link above to complete Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.

  3. Kansas Business Licenses and/or Permit
  4. The First Stop Clearinghouse Program, which is designed to serve as a one-stop resource for Kansas small-business owners and entrepreneurs, is now overseen by the Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship (dba NetWork Kansas), Depending on the type of business you plan to start, you might be required to obtain a Kansas license. The First Stop Clearinghouse will help you with this process. Small-business owners and entrepreneurs seeking assistance may now contact NetWork Kansas to speak with a referral coordinator, who can assist them with all aspects of starting a business, including legal structure, employment, taxes, licensing and some federal requirements. For details, contact: John Gendron; First Stop Clearinghouse, Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship (dba NetWork Kansas); Toll Free: (877) 521-8600 or E-mail: info@NetWorkkansas.com

  5. Kansas State Sales Tax Identification Number
  6. If you operate a business that requires payment of Kansas sales tax, you must register with the Kansas Department of Revenue. You should register at least four weeks prior to your start date. Filings are available online.

  7. File Business with the State of Kansas
  8. Unless you establish your business as a sole proprietorship or a general partnership, you must register with the Kansas Secretary of State . Corporations must file Articles of Incorporation, LLCs must file Articles of Organization, and Limited Partnerships must file Certificates of Limited Partnership. Filings are available online.

  9. County property tax
  10. Anyone owning and/or leasing tangible personal property with the intent to establish a business (home occupations included), whether as an individual, corporation, or partnership, must file a Commercial Personal Property Assessment Form with their County Appraisal Office by March 15.

  11. Business Name
  12. A Name Reservation is not required to form a new business in Kansas. It is ONLY for those who intend to form a corporation or other entity, but require additional time to complete the necessary paperwork. The state of Kansas does not register DBA, Assumed Name, Trade Name, Fictitious Name, or Sole Proprietorships. Reservation of a business name does not register the business or provide any legal rights to the name. To search for available business names in Kansas. https://www.accesskansas.org/businesscenter/index.html