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The Learning PACT and Degree Requirements


General Education at Butler Community College

As a Learning College, Butler prepares students to be principled, productive individuals who are responsible, involved lifelong learners.  To accomplish this goal, Butler has established a General Education program combining knowledge and skills from areas such as the arts, communication, humanities, language, mathematics, natural and physical sciences, behavioral and social sciences and technology. Through the college's Learning PACT, Butler intends to impart knowledge and intellectual concepts to students that Butler's faculty believe every educated person should possess to function successfully in life.

The purpose of the General Education curriculum is to enhance the breadth and depth of a Butler student's specific program of study.  By meeting the General Education course requirements, Butler students will have acquired pertinent knowledge and have developed invaluable skills in a broad range of academic areas which enable them to pursue a productive future in an increasingly complex and diverse global community.

The number of General Education credits required for each of the Associate degree programs is listed in the current college catalog.  These required credits are organized according to the four PACT outcome categories thus emphasizing the foundation of learning outcomes that undergird the student's learning experience.