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TI83, TI84, Graphing Calculator Quick Help Guide

ti83 graphing calculator



To set screen contrast

2nd up arrow or 2nd down arrow

I'm lost; return to home screen

2nd QUIT

Erase a whole expression or equations



Left or right arrow DEL 2nd INS (inserts characters)

Find the nth root

MATH; xth root key ; e.g.   cube root of 8 is: 3 MATH, xth root key, 8, ENTER



Absolute Value

MATH; NUM; abs(


Y= (enter expression; use the X,T,q ,n key for X); GRAPH

Changing graph line style

\Y1= arrow to \ ; hit ENTER until style you want

Turning entered graphs on or off

\Y1= arrow to =; hit ENTER to toggle on or off

Change scale or zoom

ZOOM note: after picking zoom type, hit ENTER again for zoom effect; continuing to hit ENTER continues zooming

Change scale manually


Tracing graphs

TRACE; If multiple graphs jump using up or down arrow keys

Find value of a function Y1 at any X

2nd CALC; value; (shows graph, X=; enter X); or from home screen VARS; Y-VARS; Function; Y1 (your x here); e.g. Y1(4) gives 6 if Y1=X+2

Stop a plot

Hit ON

List values of Y1 (or Y2 etc. )


Adjust table values (domain)

2nd TBLSET; change start value and/or increment

To clear all lists

2nd MEM; ClrAllLists

Find line of best fit for data Note: other types are available

STAT; EDIT; enter values in L1,L2 (use arrow keys)
Special note on exponential regression: TI regressions under STAT CALC include ExpReg form y=ab^x giving you values for a and b. Texts ask for y=ae^(bx) . Use a and lnb to get these values.

Plot the line of best fit

Y=; VARS; Statistics…; EQ; RegEQOr manually enter the equation after Y=

Plot individual points

STAT; EDIT; enter values in L1,L2; Y= up arrow to Plot1; ENTER to turn on Plot1; GRAPH

Turning points off 2nd STAT PLOT Plot1 Off

Graphing a relation, e.g. the circle

Solve for Y; enter +/- cases as two functions Y1= Y2=

Finding the zero of a function Graph the function; 2nd CALC, zero, arrow to left of zero and ENTER, arrow to right of zero and ENTER, ENTER for guess

Graph a piecewise defined function

Y=; enter as Y1= (function) / (interval); Y2= (function) / (interval), etc
e.g. Y1= (x2)/ (x<3); Y2= (2x-1)/ (x>3)
note: inequalities are in 2nd TEST
note2: leaving out ( )( ) will not usually give correct results!

Enter a matrix

MATRIX; EDIT; (asks for size)

Use the matrix in calculations

From home screen; MATRIX; NAMES:
(type a letter or name)