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Nursing Faculty Teams

The Faculty Team is comprised of the total nursing faculty and student representatives. The purpose of the Nursing Faculty team is to implement the nursing program within the framework of Butler Community College.

The Curriculum Team is comprised of lead nursing faculty, coordinator of Clinical Learning Center (Lab) and the Division Dean. The purpose of the Curriculum team is to propose, evaluate, and recommend curriculum changes and to systematically review the curricular structure of the nursing program.

The Scholarship Team is comprised of nursing faculty.

ACEN Teams

Standard 1: Mission and Administrative Capacity

Standard 2: Faculty and Staff

Standard 3: Students

Standard 4: Curriculum

Standard 5: Resources

Standard 6: Outcomes

Student Representation on Faculty Team

Nursing faculty teams have student representatives as a part of team membership. The bylaws of the teams specify the student's voting privileges. The student representatives to the nursing faculty meetings shall be the elected class President or Vice President from each nursing class currently within the program. Student representatives will be informed of team meeting dates and will receive team minutes to share with their classmates. Students' input into team activities is valued and students are highly encouraged to attend.

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Last Updated: 2013