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Degree Check
Order of the Gold / Order of the Purple

Degree Check

The student has the responsibility of completing a graduation degree check through the advising office during 3rd semester and at the beginning of 4th semester to ensure the student has met/is meeting the graduation requirements.

Student Honors

Graduating sophomores may earn an additional honor by qualifying for membership in the Order of the Gold or Order of the Purple. Order of the Purple candidacy is announced each spring by the Associate Dean of Academic Support Services and College Readiness. Candidacy for this Honor is based on cumulative grade point average figures and a minimum of 30 resident Butler hours earned the semester before graduation.

Graduates with grade point averages of 3.75 and above are eligible for membership in Order of the Purple. They further qualify for Order of the Gold. Graduates must have a grade point average of 4.0 based on final cumulative grade point average, calculated to include the semester of graduation.

Both honors are based on the student's final grade point average, including all transfer hours, developmental hours, and including a minimum of 30 resident Butler hours. Academic renewal disqualifies students from eligibility for Order of the Purple or Gold. Repeated courses are acceptable.

If eligibility occurs after final semester grades are included, honors are posted to student's transcript and the award sent at that time.

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Last Updated: September 2013