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Associate Degree Nursing Outcomes
Approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing Fall 2010

  1. Adapt, through the use of the nursing process, the ability to think critically and make safe and effective clinical judgments incorporating evidenced–based practice.
  2. Integrate caring behaviors in practicing the art and science of nursing within a diverse population.
  3. Demonstrate effective communication methods to manage client needs and to interact with other health care team members.
  4. Collaborate with clients and members of the interdisciplinary health care team to optimize client outcomes.
  5. Implement professional standards and scope of practice within legal, ethical, and regulatory frameworks.
  6. Manage care and provide leadership to meet client needs using available resources and current technology.
  7. Generate teaching and learning processes to promote and maintain health and to reduce risks for a variety of clients.

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Last Reviewed August 2013