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Instructional Facilities

Nursing Department

The nursing faculty offices, learning studios, Connell Nursing Technology Lab and Clinical Learning Center are located in Building #1500 on the Butler of El Dorado campus.

Clinical Learning Center

The Clinical Learning Center is open for nursing students Monday through Thursday from 8 – 4:00pm, Friday 9:00-3:00pm or as posted on lab door. This center is used by students for practice and return demonstration / skill competency testing throughout the nursing program. Skills and technology labs, clinical simulation experiences and clinical performance exams are activities offered for students throughout the program.

Connell Nursing Technology Lab (Computer Lab)

The Connell Nursing Technology lab is open for nursing students to view nursing software and internet access.

Computer Lab Policies:

When students reserve computer time, they will be given a ten–minute grace period for arrival to the computer lab. If they have not arrived within ten minutes of the time they have reserved, the other student has the option of working on the computer for the rest of the remaining hour. If a student is assigned to the computer lab as a clinical assignment and does not show up for the time they have reserved, the absence will be counted as a clinical absence.

  1. Students will not be allowed to have food, drink, or music headsets while working in the computer lab; please leave cups/containers at the sign–in desk.
  2. Students will not be allowed to bring children with them when working in the computer lab.
  3. No more than two students shall work together at a single computer station.
  4. Students are required to provide their own headphones.
  5. Headphones must be used with any computer programs with sound.

Academic Achievement Center

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) provides special programs to accommodate diversified learning needs of students. An AAC center is available on most Butler campuses. Consult the web site for hours for each location. The center has a well–qualified staff and a well equipped reading laboratory, as well as many audiovisual programs and supplemental learning materials. Diagnostic and evaluation instruments are available to assess student learning abilities and needs. Students are encouraged to use the Academic Achievement Center as a resource center for developing new skills and reviewing previously learned skills.

L.W. Nixon Library

The L.W. Nixon Library, located on the second floor of Building #600, houses the nursing holdings of books, journals, and reference materials. Students are encouraged to utilize the resources within the library and to consult with the professional librarian and staff. The library hours on listed on their web site. The library also has a number of health related databases. There are also libraries at the Butler of Andover and Butler of Rose Hill locations. The virtual L.W. Nixon Library can be accessed from anywhere at http://www.butlercc.edu/nixon_library/index.cfm and offers a wide variety of resources.

Clinical Agencies

Andover Life Care Center
Behavioral Health & Addiction Clinic

Breakthrough Club
Butler County Health Department
Cancer Center of Kansas
ComCare Community Support Services
EduCare Center, El Dorado
Galichia Heart Hospital
Kansas Heart Hospital
Kansas Medical Center
Lakepoint Nursing Center
Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas
Prairie View Hospital
Robert Dole Veteran's Administration Medical Center
Select Specialty Hospital
Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital
Via Christi Regional Medical Center, Wichita
* Via Christi on St. Francis Street
* Via Christi on Harry Street
* Good Shepherd
Wesley Medical Center, Wichita

Episcopal Social Services

Venture House

Wichita Children's Home

Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Center

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Last Updated: September 2012