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Butler Nursing Student Handbook

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Letter from the Dean
Faculty and Staff
College Vision, Mission and Learning College Principles
  Vision and Mission
Learning PACT
Curricular Framework of the Butler Department of Nursing
  Mission and Philosophy Statement
Curriculum Framework
Program Educational Outcomes
Educational Model for Nursing Process
Curriculum Sequence
Statement of Professional Accountability
Admission Policies
  Admission Policies
Technical Standards
CLEP Testing
Affirmative Action
Students with Special Needs
  Admission Process for Generic Students
  Admission Process and Ranking for Final Selection
TEAS Test Information
  Admission Procedure for Advanced Standing of Licensed Practical Nurses
  Articulation Plan
Admission Process and Ranking for Final Selection
  Admission Procedure for Students Requesting Transfer into the Program
  Admission Procedure
Progression Policies

Academic Progression
Timely Enrollment
Delayed Return Policy
Math Proficiency
Pharmacology Proficiency
Student Code of Conduct / Academic Integrity
Social Media Policy
Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy
Student Grievance Procedures
Student Records

Clinical Requirements and Policies

Background Checks
Immunization Requirements
Health Record
Malpractice Insurance
Uniform Policy
Code of Conduct: Clinical Learning Center
Confidentiality Statement
Miscellaneous Requirements
Blood or Body Fluid Exposure Protocol
Agency No Smoking Policies
Refusal to Care

Learning Resources
  Instructional Facilities
  Required Textbooks
  Blended Learning
Financial Information
  Anticipated Expenses for Nursing Students File available in pdf format
Financial Aid for Nursing Students
Selection of Nursing Scholarship Recipients Policy
Information for Students Preparing to Graduate
  Degree Check
Order of the Gold and Order of the Purple
Qualifications for Writing State Board Licensure Examination
  Practical Nurse Application
Professional Nurse Application
Felony Crimes
Department of Nursing Teams
  Election of Class Officers and Responsibilities
Faculty Committees
Notice of Nondiscrimination File available in pdf format
Statement of Understanding File available in pdf format

For further information, contact the Department of Nursing ksmith@butlercc.edu
316-322-3140 or 733-3140 from Wichita

Last updated: August 2013