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Nursing Scholarship Application Process

Each academic year, during the Spring semester, currently enrolled nursing students will receive an endowed nursing scholarship application form with notification of the deadline for its return. An application must be submitted each year.

Those students returning the application by the designated deadline and who meet the scholarship criteria established would be considered eligible for the awards. The Nursing Scholarship Committee makes recommendation to the Foundation General Scholarship Committee. The Financial Aid Office will notify students who are selected. Students selected for a Foundation scholarship will be required to complete a "thank you" note and a student profile form. These will be forwarded to the scholarship donor. Each Foundation scholarship recipient will also be invited to the annual scholarship reception held each Fall.

In addition, many of the scholarships specify that the student have financial need. This need is determined through the Financial Aid Office and requires the student complete a Financial Aid Application (FSFA), which are available in the Financial Aid Office. This is only required once each academic year.

Policies Regarding the Selection of Nursing Scholarship Recipients

  1. Scholarships designated specifically for Nursing will be awarded only to students admitted to the Nursing program.
  2. Students indicating Nursing as a major, but not admitted to the program, will be considered for general academic scholarship awards.
  3. Selected recipients will receive an award letter indicating the name and amount of the scholarship award.
  4. Funds are made available through the Foundation and disbursed through the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Most scholarship awards are renewable each semester as long as the recipient continues to meet the scholarship requirements. Recipients of Butler nursing scholarships do not have to enroll in and complete 12 credit hours each semester to maintain eligibility for endowed Butler awards. Other academic (non-nursing) scholarships may require the student to carry 12 hours.

Do not confuse Butler nursing Scholarship awards with the State of Kansas Nursing Scholarship, which does require the recipient to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.

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Last Updated: September, 2012