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Social Media Policy

Butler Community College supports the use of technology inside and outside the classroom. This support includes the use of social media communication formats such as Facebook and Twitter. This support comes with the expectation that students in Butler programs will uphold the ethical standards of their prospective professions and the Butler Community College Student Code of Conduct. Federal regulations regarding privacy such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (HIPAA and FERPA) apply to all personal and academic communication. Student use of photography and/or recording devices is prohibited in all clinical, laboratory, studio, and performance sites, unless formal permission of the instructor of record is granted before the fact.

It is the expectation that students have read and understand the Student Code of Conduct and Federal regulations related to privacy (HIPAA and FERPA). Noncompliance with this policy will result in disciplinary action which may include failure of a course, probation, suspension and/or dismissal from the program.

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Last Reviewed: August 2013