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Academic Progression

Students who withdraw or receive a D or F in any nursing course (NR 105, NR 106, NR 107, NR 108, NR 202, and NR 203) May repeat the course one time only utilizing the following process:

  1. The student must communicate with lead faculty to discuss the circumstances of his/her course failure/withdrawal.
  2. It is the student's responsibility to initiate a request for readmission to the program. The written request should be submitted to the Dean of the program. The Dean will solicit a recommendation from course faculty and other appropriate sources to make a determination for readmission.
  3. Students will be readmitted pending determination and space available.
  4. Readmission is contingent upon successful completion of remediation assigned by lead faculty. This remediation is communicated to the student and monitored by the Dean.



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Last Reviewed August 2013