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Online & Blended Learning

Butler Online now utilizes the Canvas Learning Management system. This system contains tools for communication, testing, assignment submission, and directions and notes for each specific course. There are two formats for Butler Online courses: Online and Blended courses. An online course has no required face-to-face visits (with occasional exceptions for proctored testing); a Blended course combines the best of both worlds: face to face meetings with your class and instructor and an online component for activities and assignments (discussions, case studies, drop boxes, quizzes, etc. ) The Blended course schedule also includes meeting dates for Blended courses.Butler Online Image

Each course has a required textbook. There may also be other required materials such as study guides, CDs, software, lab kits, or access codes, all of which can be purchased through a Butler Community College bookstore. Take a moment to experience an online or blended course.

Online courses are subject to the school calendar. Although the course materials can be accessed at the students' convenience, there are deadlines and due dates for assignments and tests throughout the term. Online courses are not "self-paced", nor are they "open-entry/open-exit".

All Butler Online courses are designed to meet the identical outcomes of on-site classes. The course requirements, assignments, and expectations are no less than with on-site classes. In fact, many students indicate that online courses are more time-consuming than face-to-face courses. With the flexibility of the online environment comes an added responsibility to the student. Successful online students must be focused, assertive, highly motivated, self-directed and possess a strong work ethic.

Click here for further information regarding tips for success, technical information, the purchase of required materials and other frequently asked questions.

General Requirements
The student who chooses to enroll in online courses should have the following:
  • consistent, reliable access to an Internet-connected computer that meets the minimum hardware/software requirements.
  • basic computer skills.
  • experience using the Internet.
  • time to devote 8-10 hours (for a 3 credit hour course) each week to reading, completing assignments, and communicating with instructor and classmates.

Disability Issues

The Butler Online program works diligently to stay current with ADA regulations.

Students with disabilities are required to secure documentation, just as they are in a face-to-face environment. For more information, contact Teressa Eastman teastman@butlercc.edu


Characteristics of the Successful Online Learner
The successful online learner:
  • communicates effectively in writing.
  • enjoys the challenge of learning independently.
  • is highly motivated and challenged by being in charge of his/her own learning.
  • may need flexible scheduling but understands that flexibility does not imply that completion of the course requirements will be easy.
  • demonstrates problem-solving skills and the ability to work through difficulties.
  • manages time well by prioritizing and establishing a personal schedule.
  • completes assigned work by deadlines.
  • uses a personal computer and the Internet to access information and to communicate.
  • possesses above average reading skills.
Is Online Learning for You?

Online students should:

  • expect to spend more time in an online class than they do in a face-to-face class.
  • attempt no more than 12 credit hours per semester.
  • expect to log on to the course site twice a week at a minimum.
  • expect strict adherence to assignment deadlines.
  • take no more than two online classes during a semester unless they have considerable experience in the virtual classroom.
Orientation to Online Courses

It is highly recommended that first-time online students attend one of the Orientations to Online Courses prior to the start of their coursework.

If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled orientations, it is your responsibility as a student to contact your instructor regarding start up information.

Online and Blended students are expected to log onto Canvas during the first week of class.

Send inquiries to:
Linda Wapelhorst
Director of Instructional Technology
Butler Community College
Andover, KS 67002
316.218.6202 lwapelhorst@butlercc.edu