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The following enrollment information is provided to assist online students in the enrollment process. Use of Pipeline@butler is recommended for enrollment, but if you are within a reasonable driving distance of one of the Butler learning sites, your enrollment can also be processed by visiting with an advisor at one of those sites.


1. Complete an Application for Admission (if you are not currently a Butler student). This may be accomplished by completing the online application.

  • Click on the Apply to Butler button displayed at the top of the page.
  • Complete the required information.
  • Submit the form.
  • You will receive an acceptance letter via U.S. mail from the Admissions Department within two weeks. If you have not received a letter within two weeks, you may obtain information about your admissions status by calling 316.322.3255 or via e-mail admissions@butlercc.edu

For students who are not currently enrolled but have previously attended Butler:

1) Submit an Enrollment Update Form (EUF) to Butler

Update (EUF) ON-LINE
Update by FAX, Fax form to (316)323-6891
Update by MAIL, Send form to:

Registrar's Office
Butler Community College
901 S. Haverhill Rd.
El Dorado, KS 67042

Further information is available through the Admissions Department.



2. Contact Academic Advising

Contact an Advisor to receive academic advising services and request that your Web registration be activated. Your request should include the following information to identify yourself:

Social Security Number
Birth Date

Your request must also provide the following academic information:

Are you seeking a degree at Butler?
Are you seeking a certificate from Butler?
Reason for taking classes at Butler (Choose one from list below):
__ Transferring to another college? Where?
__ Improving job skills?
__ Entering job market?
__ Improving basic skills?
__ Personal/Self improvement?
__ Preparing for job change?
What is your major?
What classes are you planning to take at Butler?
How many hours are you working?

The advisor will review the information and activate your registration. This registration is valid only for the semester in which you request it. Students must contact an advisor each semester to receive the Web Registration Activation for that semester.

The activation places the responsibility on the student to make academic choices that will meet your educational goals and aspirations. Any time you choose to make a change to your schedule, you are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor.

Further information is available through Advising. Or you may call an advisor at 316.322.3163 or 7333163 from the Wichita metro area.




3. Complete the Online Enrollment Procedures.

  • From the Online Course or Blended Course listing, determine the online course(s) in which you wish to enroll. Note particularly the course number (i.e. BS 260) and the CRN (i.e. 9816).
  • Use pipeline@butler to enroll online.
  • By mail you will receive a Student Invoice form that itemizes the tuition for each course you are enrolled in and all additional fees. The enrollment process is not complete until payment has been made.

    (Military Personnel, Dependents and Civilian students should contact Butler of McConnell Air Force Base for enrollment information. )

    Further information is available through the Registrar.


Fee Payment

4. Pay tuition and fees by check or credit card.

  • Resident of Butler County
    $61.25 per credit hour
  • Resident of Kansas
    $72.25 per credit hour
  • Non-Resident (out of state)
    $118.25 per credit hour
  • Nonresident (international)
    $194.75 per credit hour
  • Online Course Fee
    $45.00 per course
  • Information regarding payment deadlines and refunds is at the bottom of the Student Invoice form.
  • The Student Invoice indicates the amount owed and verifies enrollment in the correct classes.
  • Pay online through pipeline@butler or pay by phone with a credit card (call 316.322.3181). We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
    To pay by check make check payable to Butler Community College and mail to Accounts Receivable, Butler Community College, 901 S. Haverhill, El Dorado, KS 67042

(Military Personnel: Completed Tuition Assistance paperwork is required when you enroll. For more information about the Tuition Assistance program, contact your Education Services Officer. For more information about using Tuition Assistance for fee payment at Butler, call 316.322.3105. )

Further information is available by calling Accounts Receivable at 316.322.3181 or ar@butlercc.edu.


Course Materials

5. Purchase required course materials. These materials may include textbooks, study guides, software, CDs, or videos*. Butler Bookstore personnel have information regarding what materials are required for each online course.Students are responsible for the purchase of the required course materials including textbooks, and possible CDs, DVDs and/or access codes.  They must assume financial responsibility for the purchase of materials from sources other than the Butler bookstore (in case the wrong materials are purchased and cannot be returned).

All book orders must include Course numbers (i.e. BS 260) and CRN's (i.e. 9804) in order for the bookstore staff to complete your order correctly.

Payment by credit card is required. Visa, MasterCard or Discover are accepted. Shipping and handling will be added.

To order books

  • by telephone call 316.322.3197
  • Online through the Butler Bookstore
  • by FAX call 316-323-643


Log On to Your Course

6. Log on to your course.
Prior to the start of classes each semester the Distance Learning department will send an email through Pipeline to each online student. Your User ID and Password and other logon information will be contained in this email. If you have not received this information by the first day of classes, call the Istructional Technology Department 316.322.3120 (733.3120 Wichita metro). Online students are expected to log on to their courses during the first week of classes.

For the security of your course work, it is extremely important that you not share this User ID or Password with anyone.

Online Course Orientations are available during the first week of classes if you need assistance in getting started in your online course.

Logging On

  • Activate your browser and enter the URL: http://webcourses.butlercc.edu
  • Enter your Pipeline User Name and Password in the designated fields
    (when you change your Pipeline password, your ANGEL password will change as well).
  • Click Log On.
  • A listing of your class(es) appears.
  • Click on the course name to enter your course.
  • For quick access, Bookmark/Add to Favorites your course homepage.
  • You may also locate the website by clicking on the "OnlineClass Login" link at the top of the Butler website.


Send inquiries to:
Meg McGranaghan
Director of Instructional Technology
Butler Community College
El Dorado, KS 67042
316.322.3345 megmcg@butlercc.edu


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January 15, 2009