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2014 Awardees

If you believe that your name should be on the list and it is not, please let us know. If you have questions,

please call Casey at ext. 6340 or email cedmondson@butlercc.edu.



Five Years

Shala Burt

James Fields

Kirk Merwin

Deborah Reiter

Krysty Schnewis



Ten Years

Sheri Bowersox

Roger Cutsinger

Gary Enns

Anne Gills

Michele Griffith

Abbas Jaffal

Mary McNown

Jennifer Osborne

Rita Pearce

Janet Schueller

Stephanie Wood

Fifteen Years

Helen Barnes

Robert Broyles

Hazel Hart




Twenty Years

Brad Beachy

Susan Bradley

Jeffrey Cohen

Amy Cyphers

Katherine Gifford

Scott Riddle

Twenty-Five Years

Troy Nordman

Susan Pfeifer

Thirty Years

Steve Braet

Barbara Derstein

Donald Molleker




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Mandy Greenfield, Director                                                                                                                          Casey Edmondson, Specialist

Phone: (316)- 218-6339                                                                                                                                         Phone: (316) 218-6340

email: mgreenfield@butlercc.edu                                                                                                     email: cedmondson@butlercc.edu