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From Seminar Announcements Weekly
Publishers:  Jason Potash & Jeanette Cates 
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Faculty/Staff Development Department Disclaimer

This is a trial investigation of this resource. We would appreciate your feedback on the quality of the seminars in which you participate. It is always possible that some of these free seminars are simply "teasers" to get people to sign up for a paid event. Use your discretion in selecting workshops.

The events listed below are an example of the seminars listed at this site. Seminar Announcements Weekly appears to be a service that searchs out learning opportunities of interest to a certain spectrum of professionals. Go to the link above to see their current listings at any point in time. Many of the sessions are live online at no cost although some charge a fee. Some appear to be good learning opportunities for faculty and/or staff. Please send your feedback about your experience with this source to Ramona Becker at rbecker@butlercc.edu

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What You Need to Know About Data Security (Webinar)

Hosted By:  Office Depot
Tuition:  $0.00 - 01/24/2006 (4:00 PM) - 01/24/2006 (5:00 PM)

What You Need to Know About Data Security will be presented by Bill Topp 

a certified business coach with over 17 years of experience with a 

background in both the private and public sector.

Emotional Intelligence:  The Leadership Edge (TeleClass)

Hosted By:  Patricia Wiklund Ph.D.
Tuition:  $00.00 - 01/26/2006 (9:00 PM) - 01/26/2006 (10:00 PM)

Whether it's conflict with others, or you've spent thousands
on professional development and still have trouble leading
your team, this session is for you.  The most crucial skill
for building leadership is Emotional Intelligence, whether
you have a c-level position or are on the front line.  Don't miss this
important complimentary session.



How to Lose Your Foreign Accent (TeleClass)

Hosted By:  American Accent Workshop
Tuition:  $17.00 - 01/26/2006 (8:00 PM) - 01/26/2006 (10:00 PM)

If you speak English as a second language and often have
people asking you to repeat yourself, isn't it time to stop letting your
foreign accent get in your way?


How to do more in less time (TeleClass)

Hosted By:  Coaching for Excellence
Tuition:  $19.0001/26/2006 (1:00 PM) - 01/26/2006 (2:00 PM)

Get organized and learn how to manage your time better

The 3 Key Elements of the Value Proposition (TeleClass)

Hosted By:  Cheryl Downing
Tuition:  $0.0001/26/2006 (5:00 PM) - 01/26/2006 (6:00 PM)

To shorten the decision making time of prospective clients, your value
proposition needs to clearly communicate how you will resolve their main
concerns.  Ultimately, their needs revolve around how they prioritize three
key criteria:  time, cost and quality.  Learn how to assess their needs and
how to quickly determine if your business offerings can meet those needs.


Resist Exercising?  Want to Know Why?  (TeleClass)

Hosted By:  Coach Stephanie Wood
Tuition:  $0.00 - 01/30/2006 (3:00 PM) - 01/30/2006 (4:00 PM)

Your personality style has a favorite exercise.
Do you want to know what yours is?

How to Hear What Your Body Has to Tell You (TeleClass)

Hosted By:  Heather Dominick, The Energy Expert
Tuition:  $0.00 -
01/30/2006 (1:00 PM) - 01/30/2006 (2:00 PM)

How to Hear What Your Body Has to Tell You:  an interactive teleclass 
using visualization and writing!