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At the Spring 2010 Institutional Development Day, Staff Development presented a survey regarding our Awards and Recognition programs. After a critical analysis of the feedback received, Staff Development went to work on addressing the concerns. Years of Service was the first program reviewed as part of the department’s efforts in continuous quality improvement for all of their programs. Significant changes have now been made to the Years of Service program in order to address the following concerns:

              Insignificant awards for 15 years an up awardees

Data accuracy

Cost inequities among years of service

The following is an outline of how the newly designed Years of Service program will function:

Years of service will be calculated on a monthly basis

Awards will no longer be:

5 years - Certificate

10 years - Plaque

15 years and up - Brass plate

Awards will be selected by the employee themselves through Select-Your-Gift Vendor

Gift albums will be distributed to employees during the month of their employment anniversary beginning January 2012. For employees who would have received their recognition for 2011 at Fall IDD, their gift album will be sent at the first of December 2011.

    An employee’s anniversary is based on HR hire date and Staff Development’s previously reported history

    Albums will be mailed to Awardees’ homes via United States Postal Service

    Albums will be sent at the beginning of each month

    Gift Album will contain: congratulations letter and information from Staff Development, along with explanation letter and instructions on how to order gift


Employees will be recognized monthly in the following manner:

A list of employees who are being recognized for their years of service will be posted on the Staff Development Webpage accessible through the Staff Development Tab in Pipeline

Campus announcement, personal announcement and campus email will be sent out regarding awardees and where to view the list

A list will be sent to the Board of Trustees to be recognized at the Board Meeting

Employees will be recognized annually in the following manner:

     A to-date list of employees who have been recognized for their years of service will be posted on the Staff Development Webpage accessible through the Staff Dev Tab in Pipeline

    PowerPoint from previous Years of Service ceremony will be posted on the Staff Development Webpage

    Recognition Ceremony will be held January of the following year.

    2011 Ceremony

          January 20, 2012, Hubbard Welcome Center, Clifford Stone room


By making the above changes to the Years of Service Program, Staff Development feels confident that we have addressed the concerns that were voiced as a result of the Awards and Recognition Survey. As this program begins we welcome your feedback.


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