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Learning College Awards of Distinction

An exciting program designed to recognize faculty and staff achievements in
Butler's journey to become the Learning College of Choice for the region!

Nomination Process

This program is open to all permanent part-time and full-time employees and all faculty. The streamlined nominating process makes the process very simple for the nominator. Any Butler permanent part-time or full-time employee; or faculty member (both fulltime and adjunct) is invited to submit one or more nomination(s).

The nominator need only write a brief 1-3 sentence description of why he/she is nominating the person. (This description will be forwarded to the nominee when he/she is notified of the nomination but the name of the nominator will not be revealed to the nominee. )

The awards committee will review all nominations for qualifications according to the award criteria and those that qualify are invited to submit material for consideration. Nominees must be a Butler Community College employees who:

  • have at least three years of service or affiliation with college.
  • have demonstrated distinguished service to Butler students, communities or stakeholders of the college through advancing the current strategic priorities as described in the individual award categories.
  • have exhibited consistent support of the college's key initiatives and efforts to serve as the Learning College of Choice for the region.

The nominees will then be notified of their nomination and material will be sent to them explaining the program and the method to facilitate the process.

When the materials are returned from the nominees, the Organizational and Staff Development Office will compile the material with the approriate rubrics and forward it to the impartial external judge.