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Teaching & Learning Resources Online

Critical Thinking in the Classroom

ERIC Critical Thinking Resources

Teaching Tips


Honolulu Community College -
a very comprehensive site with lots of good information and resources.

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Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
http://www.umuc.edu/virtualteaching/vt_home.html -
A resource for faculty seeking direction in appropriate ways to use Web-based technologies to accomplish key learning strategies.

Need a dictionary?

Learning Wave

Learning Theories

Learning Theory Comparison

GetOnline by Rob Gibson
Totally comprehensive faculty resource portal for faculty and teaching staff who are interested in teaching online.

Collaborative Learning

Teaching for Success

Parker Palmer
Articles on teaching philosophy and facts from years of experience.

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NCSPOD Publications Online
Publications by participants of NCSPOD with many staff development ideas.

Best Practices in College Teaching

Tom Drummond North Seattle Community College

Guide to the best and most useful education sites on the Web

Resources Highly Recommended
Cooperative Learning Sites Barbara Millis US Air Force Academy

Active Learning for the Classroom
Dr. Don Paulson, a chemist at California State at Los Angeles, has written a number of articles related to using active learning techniques in science, engineering, mathematics, and technology courses. His web site contains a number of rapid techniques useful in a variety of classes.

Ted Panitz
This comprehensive web site by Ted Panitz of Cape Cod Community College contains a vast number of resources on cooperative learning including an e-book, articles, faculty surveys, threaded discussions, links, and examples. Additionally, it has material on writing-across-the- curriculum and a joke file.

Cooperative Learning Center

Maintained by David T. Johnson and Roger W. Johnson, long- time cooperative learning researchers and practitioners, the web site for the Cooperative Learning Center at the University of Minnesota contains valuable background information on cooperative learning including three newsletters and some key articles such as "Cooperative Learning Methods: A Meta-Analysis," which focuses on what can be proved to work.

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Cooperative Learning

This valuable site on cooperative learning contains models, theories and research; cooperative learning syllabi and teachers; the classroom context for cooperative learning; cooperative learning lessons and activities; faculty training and development; and further resources. Maintained by Susan Ledlow, Arizona State University, with Neil Davidson, University of Maryland, as liaison, large portions of the site are still under construction. Nonetheless, it is well worth a visit.

Resources in Science & Engineering Education
Richard Felder's wonderful web site contains a wealth of articles, advice, and research to promote better teaching, particularly in the sciences. Dr. Felder's home page declares: There are well-defined instructional techniques that make teaching more effective. These techniques can be introduced slowly and methodically, without compromising coverage of the syllabus. Many do not require large expenditures of money, time, and effort. Most importantly, the techniques have been validated by careful, documented, repeatable research. Their effectiveness is not simply a matter of opinion. They work! This Web site offers guidance on what those techniques are and tips and resources for using them. Dr. Felder has included over forty articles published as a column, "Random Thoughts," in Chemical Engineering Education, including his well-known, "We Never Said It would be Easy," on group work caveats. Also recommended is Felder and Brent's: "Cooperative Learning in Technical Courses: Procedures, Pitfalls, and Payoffs. " The complete list of URLs recommended by Millis will be available to participants of the March 13 Webcast which will take place at 12 Noon EST.

Training Site
This is a great product, training, and resource site for anyone interested in Cooperative Learning, reaching standards, and teaching strategies in elementary and/or secondary teaching. However the applications can be used for college students and there are graduate courses offered in Cooperative Learning and Multiple Intelligences.


Big Chalk
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