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Butler Community College
Business, Technology and Workforce Development

Mike Fatkin
Spring 2001

Directed Independent Study In Auto Technology
Course Outline


AT 294/295 Directed Independent Study in Auto Technology. 3 hours credit. Prerequisite: 2.0 minimum GPA and approval of division dean and instructor. A structured learning experience will be developed as an extension to the Auto Technlology curriculum intended to allow students to broaden their comprehension of the principles of, and their grasp of competencies associated with the Automotive program. Topics of specific interest to the student will be developed. These topics will be established by individual student needs or requirements. Areas of specific need will be pursued and instructional material that lends itself to current trends or topics that are needed to supplement normal classroom instruction will be offered.


Texts, reference material, and supplemental material will be determined by the instructor that pertain to the competencies being taught. These textbooks and/or reference materials will be equivalent to those used in other Auto Technology courses at the college.


At the successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

Apply specific skills learned to out-of-class activities or a work-related environment

  1. Demonstrate the timely, concise, and accurate completion of progressive competencies as set forth and defined in the directed independent study contract
  2. Outline the experiences and objectives achieved
  3. Identify key concepts from seminar assignments and projects, and/or research
  4. Compare the value of the experiential component to traditional assignments.


The specific directed independent study syllabus that is created will include specific units and will be on file in the registrar’s office.


Following a personal student/instructor conference, a bona fide contract will be developed. The contract will clearly specify the content and objectives of the course, applicable vocational competencies, procedures for completing the course, the amount of time necessary to complete the course, the course text and any reference and supplemental materials associated with the course, and the method of student evaluation to be used. Such contract must indicate the exact beginning and ending dates of the course, and must be signed by the student, instructor, and the instructor's immediate supervisor prior to the beginning of the course.


The method of evaluation will be developed after the topic or topics are established. The grading system will conform to the policy and procedures on grading and testing as outlined by the department and will be in writing in the course syllabus. Any final products of the course such as papers, projects, and reports will be maintained with the directed independent study contract and the instructor’s log as the permanent file for the course.

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