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Butler Community College
Dena Smoot
Business, Technology, and Workforce Development Division
Fall 2001

Cooperative Education I
Course Outline

AR 197. Cooperative Education I. Two to six hours credit. Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Cooperative Education is a unique form of education, which integrates classroom study with paid, planned, and supervised work experiences in the public and private sectors. Appropriate and meaningful work experiences may be on or off campus. Full-time work assignments are available for a semester (alternating), part-time while attending school (parallel) or during the summer. A combined total of 24 credit hours may be earned for Cooperative Education I, II, III, and IV.

The textbook required will vary with the seminar topic. Department-developed materials will also be used.

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate the timely, concise, and accurate completion of progressive competencies as set forth and defined in the individualized training agreement.
    2. Outline the experiences and objectives achieved in the work environment.
    3. Identify key concepts from seminar assignment and projects, and/or research.
    4. Compare the value of the experiential component to traditional assignments.

Determined independently after individual assessment of student related to current knowledge base and on-the-job objectives.

The following will assist students in achieving course objectives: on-the-job training, seminar/workshop activity, mentoring by field faculty, coordinators, and colleagues, textbook, and handout reading assignments.

Grade determination will be dependent upon on-the-job competencies, seminar/workshop activity, written activity, and/or research. The student and employing supervisor will also evaluate the completion of student's training objectives.