Vocal Ensemble
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Butler Community College
Valerie Mack
Humanities/Fine Arts Division
Fall 1997 
Course Outline

MU136. Vocal Ensemble I. 1 hour credit. Trios, quartets, etc., are organized each semester according to student interest. These groups rehearse weekly with the purpose of developing vocal technique and a knowledge of literature. Public performance is encouraged. Students should consult music department staff prior to enrollment.

No text is required but each student will be assigned responsibility for a folder, their music, and outfit(s).

During the semester students will spend time selecting and rehearsing a variety of choral literature with the intent of public performances. A portion of the music will be selected and learned by the student in a self- instruction format. The instructor will offer suggestions and frequent critiques. Emphasis will be placed on learning vocal jazz and madrigal style literature. At least three performances will be expected during the semester.

Preparation for two major concerts a semester. Dates will be announced at the beginning of each semester. Attendance mandatory. Other informal events may be planned with advance notice. All music must be memorized.

The ensemble will rehearse as a full group the majority of the time. At times, the ensemble will rehearse by sections. The first five to ten minutes of each rehearsal will be devoted to physical warm-ups, vocalises, choral singing techniques, and ear-training exercises. Guest clinicians will be invited into the classroom at least once a semester.

Telecourses: Independent study of audio/video materials augmented by text and study guide; collaboration and participation with class members and faculty via available means. Faculty role is facilitator of learning experiences.

Each ensemble will rehearse a minimum of 120 minutes per week. The members will need to memorize all music (at least five numbers per semester) and participate in at least three performances. Additionally, each member will be expected to contribute ideas for the success of the group. Grades will be based on attendance and attitude (80%) and vocal quartets in class (20%). Unexcused absences and tardies will lower grade. Attendance at major performances is required and will be evaluated as an exam.

Students with impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills are encouraged and have the responsibility to contact their instructor, in a timely fashion, regarding reasonable accommodation needs.