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Syllabus Submission Instructions

Syllabi for all Butler courses must be written according to the college’s defined format. Template files and instructions may be downloaded from Butler’s Course Outline webpage.

Syllabi must be submitted on or before the first class meeting date of the semester.

1. The file naming convention is

coursenumber_crn_semester_last name_firstname

Example: AR100_12418_201080_sheahan_roberta

Note: If the syllabus is submitted using any other file naming format, the instructor will receive a reply requesting resubmission of the syllabus with the correct file name format.

Fall 2010=201080, Spring 2010=201010, Summer 2010=201060

2. Syllabi should be sent as attachments to the following email address:

3. The instructor will receive a confirmation message that the syllabus was submitted correctly and has been moved to the server.