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Specialty Certificate

Your butler experience will prepare you, under supervision of office managers and other professionals, to perform routine administrative duties in a medical clinical or health care facility. You will be able to perform specialized data entry, classification and record-keeping procedures related to medical diagnostic, treatment, billing and insurance documentation.

For information contact:
Sherrell King

Required Courses

Course Pre–requisites Credit Hours
Semester 1
AH201 Medical Terminology I   3
BE102 Intermediate Document Processing 40 wpm 3
BE120 Business English   3
BE121 Business Math/10 Key MA050 3
BE122 Introduction to Health Information   3
BE165 MAPI: Word Processing   1
BE170 MAPI: Spreadsheet   1
BE180 MAPI: Database   1
Semester 2
BE107 Advanced Document Processing: Medical BE102 and 50 wpm 3
BE109 Human Relations   3
BE123 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare BE122 3
BE126 Computerized Medical Office Management   3
BE202 Business Procedures BE102 or BE165,
BE170, BE180
BE193 Internship   2
Total Credit Hours 35


"I am planning to work in a doctor office or a clinic
office after I graduate at Butler." --Thai Dao

contact info
Name: Sherrell King
Location BOA
Building: 9100
Office: 9116
Phone: (316) 218-6252
E-mail: sking@butlercc.edu

Professional Standards
Professional Instructors
CPC Certification
Excellent Employment Rate