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Realtime Reporting (Court Reporting)

This program will prepare you for licensure as a Certified Court Reporter (CCR) and/or a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR). Realtime Reporters are in high demand in many areas, both locally and nationally. Realtime Reporters are needed as official court reporters, freelance reporters, broadcast captioners, and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) reporters.

Demand for this occupation will be spurred by the continuing need for accurate transcription of proceedings in courts and pretrial depositions. The growing need to create captions for live or prerecorded television and to provide other realtime translating services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community are also adding to this demand.

Degree options:

    •  AAS, Realtime Reporting (65 credit hours)
    •  Certificate, Realtime Reporting/Steno (53 credit hours)
    •  Certificate, Realtime Reporting/Voice (30 credit hours)

Application for Admission

Fall 2011
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For more information:

contact info
Name: Ellie Davidson, CRR, CRI, Lead Instructor
Phone: (712) 304-5537
E-mail: econner@butlercc.edu