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Online Testing Procedures for Butler Faculty

The Butler Testing Center will offer online testing services to online instructors of Butler Community College and their students. The Butler Testing Center is located in Room 6430 in the 6000 Building at 1810 North Andover Road in Andover. Both paper and computer based tests are offered and administered by the center.

Instructors are REQUIRED to use the Online Instructions Cover Sheet for their tests. An Online Instructions Cover Sheet must be on file within the Testing Center in order for the test administrators to proctor (monitor) your exams correctly. If a cover sheet is not on file then your tests run the risk of being administered incorrectly and are subjected to academic dishonestly. This cover sheet must be submitted for every test you submit. Information on how to fill out and use this sheet is attached as a third page of the online instructions document found under Faculty Quick Clicks.

Due to limited staff, the testing center will check e-mail TWICE a day for the arrival of tests or instruction sheets. A test or instructions sheet that has been e-mailed will not be available for students to take for 24 hours from when it is RECEIVED. If a test or instructions cover sheet is not physically in the center's filing cabinet drawers, the students will be told that their test is not in the center and they will need to contact their instructor.

A completed cover sheet and test can be submitted to the center via e-mail, campus mail or fax.

E-Mail Procedures

When submitting your cover sheet and exam by e-mail, obtain the Online Instructions Cover Sheet from Faculty Quick Clicks.

Fill out the Online Instructions Cover Sheet. Save it with your name, your course name, test name and CRN for easy identification. For example, Anderson_College Algebra_Final Exam_8993.

Attach the completed cover sheet and/or your test to an e-mail addressed to testing@butlercc.edu

You will receive confirmation from the testing center personnel when the test and cover sheet has been received. The testing center staff will check e-mails at least twice daily; once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Campus Mail Procedures
Complete the Make-Up Instructions Cover Sheet and attach it to your test with any necessary notes, outlines, charts, maps, and answer sheets, etc. for your test. The Make-Up Instructions Cover Sheet can be found under the Faculty Quick Clicks and designated areas at each site. For more information, contact the front desk reception about these cover sheets.

Place all the cover sheet, exam and any necessary information needed for your student's exam in a RED campus mail envelope. These envelopes can be found with the cover sheets at the designated areas at each site. Please DO NOT use the red envelopes for any function other than test delivery to the Butler Testing Center.

Address the envelopes to the Butler Testing Center at BOA/6000 and place it in campus mail or place the envelope in the Butler Testing Center drop off box located in the 6000 building.
Tests will be picked up at least twice daily Monday thru Friday; once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Fax Procedures

Fill out the Make-up Instructions Cover Sheet from either Faculty Quick Clicks or from a designated area at each site.

Fax the cover sheet and your test to the fax number of 316-733-8233.