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OWL Turnaround Schedule:

The deadline for submissions each day is 1:00 PM. The OWL is closed when Butler classes are not in session. This includes weekends, holidays, breaks, and finals week.

Papers submitted: Will be returned by:

By 1:00 Monday-----------------------> 1:00 Wednesday

By 1:00 Tuesday----------------------> 1:00 Thursday

By 1:00 Wednesday------------------> 1:00 Friday

By 1:00 Thursday---------------------> 1:00 Monday

By 1:00 Friday ------------------------> 1:00 the following Tuesday

After 1:00 Friday, or anytime
on Saturday or Sunday ------------> 1:00 the following Wednesday

**Note that the above schedule only applies during regular weeks. If Butler classes are not in session for any reason, expect a slower turnaround time and plan ahead.