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Release to Enroll for Online Enrollment

Online enrollment is intended for Butler students who meet at least one of the following:

  • Have previously met with an academic advisor
  • Have an academic plan in place
  • Only need one or two courses for transfer to another institution

All first time college students, all high school students, all international students, all students using veterans educational benefits, must meet in person with an academic advisor in order to enroll. Click here for Advising locations and hours of operation.

Each semester, students must contact an advisor before enrolling in classes for the upcoming semester. Students who wish to enroll online using their Pipeline must:

  • Complete and submit the Enrollment Update form and the Release to Enroll form
  • Form is then reviewed by an advisor
  • Advisor will email student to let them know if they have been released to enroll

Advisors will make every effort to contact the student within two to three business days (excluding weekends and holidays). Please keep in mind that during times of heavy enrollment (January, April, May, July, August, November), it may take longer than two business days to respond. Once you have been released to enroll, you do not need to meet with an advisor unless you have further questions. For additional advising questions, please call 316-322-3163 (El Dorado) or 316-218-6259 (Andover).

Since college requirements and policies are subject to change, all email communications are to be used as advice only and will not constitute an official evaluation by Butler Community College. Butler students should take full responsibility for their course selections and to find out how courses will transfer to other institutions. Please be aware that because of the nature of the Internet and technology, there can be no assurance of confidentiality when using this online service.

Online advising is appropriate for:

  • Review of your course selections for proper degree requirements and transferability
  • Butler procedures and academic policies
  • Course prerequisites
  • Referrals to other Butler programs and services

Online advising is not appropriate for:

  • Transcript evaluation
  • Degree checks
  • Personal counseling
  • Career counseling
  • International students, permanent residents, high school students, all students using veterans educational benefits (without prior consent from Butler personnel)

Proceed to Enrollment Update Form and Release to Enroll Form.


contact info

Andover: (316) 218-6259
Butler Service Center: (316) 691-9456
Council Grove: (620) 767-5158
El Dorado: (316) 322-3163
Marion: (620) 382-2183
McConnell AFB: (316) 681-0236
Rose Hill: (316) 776-9429
E-mail: advising@butlercc.edu