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Why should you be part of the Butler Livestock Judging Team?

Judging Team - 2000 Louisville Champions

Several benefits can be attained through participation in the livestock judging program here at Butler. If a student has a desire to breed great livestock, then it is important to develop those skills required to visually evaluate livestock and understand performance records. Judging builds confidence and stimulates one's mind to make a quick decision. Oral reasons will train a student to think and talk on his/her feet with confidence. Competing on a livestock judging team allows students to travel around the country and meet people with the same interests and goals as themselves. Students have the opportunity to meet prominent livestock breeders, view their facilities and make acquaintances that will often last a lifetime. Students will develop a competitive attitude and desire to achieve. But perhaps most importantly, competing on the Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team will make you more marketable upon graduation.