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Behavioral Science

Students eating at lunchButler’s behavioral science courses teach you about yourself and others. You’ll meet people and improve your interactions with others while completing courses that meet your general education requirements. You’ll increase your understanding of human behavior while building communication and relationships skills that will aid you in your career and family life. Our small class sizes and individual attention give you an in-depth understanding of human behavior that will benefit you for a lifetime. So if you want interesting courses that allow you to improve interactions with others, sharpen critical thinking skills, and develop an understanding of the diverse world around you, sign up today for one or more of these behavioral science courses:

  • Psychology - the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes Topics include: the function of the brain, child development, aging, sexuality, learning, and abnormal behavior.
  • Sociology - the scientific study of human society and behavior. Topics include the culture, socialization, social groups and their structure, social inequality, social institutions, and social change.
  • Anthropology - the study of both the past and present as it relates to the potential for mankind’s future. Topics include the nature of cultural change, physical anthropology, linguistics and archaeology.
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