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Housing Accommodation Procedure

Appropriate housing assignments enable students to build a foundation for good study habits and lay the foundation for building life long relationships. We consider exceptions to the standard assignment process carefully with regard to the individual situation.

Students requesting housing accommodations through Office of Special Needs must do so in addition to following all regular-housing procedures. Deadline for housing accommodation requests is July 1st.

In addition to the basic documentation for enrollment in the Special Needs program, recommendation from a qualified treating professional is required. Recommendations must be on official letterhead and include:

  1. Provide clear description of the recommended housing accommodation.
  2. Connect the recommended accommodation to the impact of the condition.
  3. Possible alternatives to the recommended accommodation.
  4. A statement of the level of need for (or consequences of not receiving) the
    recommended accommodation.

Also included in the letter must be the date of the student’s most recent visit and the credentials and signature of the qualified professional. All information is kept strictly confidential.

For further questions about this process, please contact the Coordinator of Special Needs at (316) 322-3166 or (316) 733-3166 from the Wichita/Metro area.