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Disability Services

People wavingMission:

The Office of Disability Services, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 is committed to providing reasonable accommodations and equal access for students, faculty, staff and guests with disabilities that limit their life functioning.


At Butler, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and equal access for students, faculty, staff and guests with disabilities. Our staff acts as a liaison between the faculty and the students to ensure compliance with the ADA guidelines. Accommodations are available in housing, classrooms, and other academic resources. At Butler, we care about all of our stakeholders and are here to help make your college career one without barriers.


Services are provided at all Butler locations and are coordinated through the main Office of Disability Services at Butler of El Dorado. The staff includes a full-time Director and a 30-hour paraprofessional at the main office. A second office is located in the 6000 at Butler of Andover and is staffed with two 30-hour paraprofessional staff members. The Director is available to meet perspective students at other sites upon request.

Accommodation & Services:

Academic accommodating and other services are provided on an individual basis determined by documented need. Some of the accommodations and services available to qualified students are:

  • Letters to the faculty stating required accommodations
  • Test accommodations, such as extended time, readers or scribes
  • Notetaker
  • Alternate text formats
  • Registration assistance
  • Interpreters for the hearing impaired
  • Accessibility information
  • Proof reading/writing help
  • Tutoring services
  • Coordination with instructors
  • Placement Testing (Students seeking accomodation on placement testing or in the classroom, must provide documentation to the Disability Services office PRIOR to testing. Failure to provide documentation of a disability may not constitute a reason to retest.)

Eligibility for Services:

To qualify for services from the Disability Services office, a student must:

  1. Apply for admission to Butler through the regular admission process
  2. Provide current and comprehensive documentation of a temporary or permanent disability that requires accommodations
  3. Contact the Disability Services office to discuss needs and request services

contact info
Name: Teressa Eastman,
Director of Disability Services/
ADA Compliance Officer
Building: 600
Office: 603
Phone: (316)322-3166 or (316)733-3166
Ext. 3166
E-mail: teastman@butlercc.edu