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Save some serious cash by studying economics at Butler Community College! Economics is the study of resource allocation. It‘s a social science built on human interaction. In Butler‘s economics classes, you‘ll learn why individuals, firms, and governments respond to incentives in particular ways to advance economic growth. You‘ll learn about production and consumption. You‘ll learn how the behavior of individuals and societies affects national and world events.

Butler‘s economics program will increase your understanding of economic policies and industry market structures while helping you make better informed personal and business decisions for yourself and your community.

In our macroeconomics courses, you will learn why high inflation and unemployment are undesirable macroeconomic problems. We‘ll explain why interest rates fluctuate and why the economy experiences "booms" and "busts" at irregular intervals. And you‘ll also learn why saving and borrowing is important to an economy. In our microeconomics courses, you will learn how to become a better informed consumer, as well as a "savvy business person." We'll teach you about the important relationship between labor and capital and why some wages are high and some are low. And you‘ll learn why the government intervenes in the economy in an effort to protect the consumer or business and what the outcome of that intervention may be.

So use your money wisely! Study economics with us!

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Name:Assistant Professor Noreen Templin, Lead Faculty
Location:12138 1500 Building
Campus: Butler of El Dorado
Phone: (316) 322-3165
E-mail:ntemplin@butlercc.edu stars