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Municipal Fire Department - Residency Program

PipesThe Butler Community College Fire Science Program, in conjunction with various municipal fire departments has established a residency program. The Fire Science Residency Program is a an opportunity for college students who are enrolled as Fire Science majors at Butler Community College to gain up to a two year experience working with a municipal fire department, while achieving an Associates Degree or Program Certificate through Butler Community College.

The residency program will provide positive training and experience for up to six students pursuing career in the fire or emergency services. While enrolled, the program will provide a learning environment where students may take advantage of college level instruction, community education seminars, and skills developed through on the job training.

Fire protection in every city is recognized as a vitally important service. New and unusual problems resulting from rapid technological advancements, urbanization, industry and modern modes of transportation have drastically broadened the scope of fire protection, emergency medical services, as well as the mitigation of hazardous material incidents, performing fire suppression, and emergency rescue situations.

It is the Butler Community College’s commitment through the residency program to provide the resident with a positive and professional atmosphere in which to advance their career opportunities in the fire and emergency services.

Students selected for the residency program will reside in a municipal fire station for the duration of there studies or as long as they maintain eligibility. Each member will be assigned to a specified municipal fire department. Each resident will be classified as and work in the capacity of a volunteer firefighter. The resident will be assigned to work specific 24 shifts to gain on the job training experiences. A housing fee is assessed each semester. This fee covers uniforms, firefighting personal protective equipment, room, and utilities with the exception of phone.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Individual must be at least 18 years of age
  • Possess and maintain an valid Kansas Driver License
  • Be enrolled in and maintain a minimum of 15 hours of credit at Butler Community College, per semester**
  • Be enrolled as a Fire Science Major
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout the semester
  • Possess IFSAC approved Firefighter I certificate of be currently enrolled in Firefighter I, (FS100) and successfully pass the KFTRI “Firefighter I” exam prior to the next consecutive semester.
  • Housing Fees
    • Spring: $850.00
    • Fall: $850.00
    • Summer: $600.00
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