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Humanities and Social Sciences


If you want to acquire knowledge and skill in several fascinating fields, take courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Butler. We offer courses in Economics, English Composition, Geography, History, Foreign Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion. More specifically, we offer Macro and Microeconomics; Composition, Technical Writing, and Creative Writing; World Geography; United States History and World and Western Civilization; German, Japanese, and Spanish; American, British and Children’s Literature, Poetry, and the Short Story, Philosophy and Ethics; American Federal and State and Local Government; and New and Old Testament and Comparative Religion, among other courses.

Your studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Butler will be compelling because our faculty live their disciplines: they study markets; they reenact historical battles and events; they write poetry, short stories and novels, and essays; they discuss important issues in public and online; and they are active in politics and government. Humanities and Social Sciences faculty are passionate individuals who want to pass their enthusiasm as well as knowledge onto you. They are engaged in life and want you to be engaged too!

The study of the Humanities and Social Sciences will add depth and breadth to your education, career, and life. Please click on the department links on the navigation bar for more information about what is offered in each field.

contact info
Name: Dean, Susan Bradley
Location: 126A 100 Building
Campus: Butler of El Dorado
Phone: (316)323-6725
E-mail: sbradley@butlercc.edu

Name: Intern Associate Dean, Troy Nordman
Location: 5118N 5000 Building
Campus: Butler of Andover
E-mail: tnordman@butlercc.edu stars