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Robert Welch Robert Welch
Rob graduated with an Associate in Science with an emphasis in Radio, TV and Film. It was during this time that Rob became interested in marketing. After one semester of taking personal selling and marketing he was hooked. He decided to change his focus to business, but being so close to getting a degree, he chose to complete his degree in Mass Communications while pursuing business as well.

Rob participated in Delta Epsilon Chi winning first place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing and during his second year placed in the top ten at nationals.

Rob is currently a senior at Wichita State University with two majors, one in Management and one in Marketing and two minors, one in Entrepreneurship and one in Human Resources and is slated to graduate during the spring of 2007. He is currently active in several business-oriented campus groups; SIFE, AKPsi and AIESEC. Rob plans to further his education by pursuing an MBA, but as of this time no college has been selected. Rob is self-employed creating websites and small business marketing.

"After high school I did a short tour in the Army, afterwards I gave
college a try. I originally started college at TSU [Troy State
University] in Alabama and I really had no idea of what I wanted to do.
It wasn't until I came to Butler under the instruction of Lance Hayes
and Jared McGinley that I was able to figure out not only what I had an
interest in, but enjoyed. Going to Butler helped me find focus and put
me on the right path to success. Go Grizzlies! "

JasonJason Wilgus
"I attended just about every business class I could take going to Butler. It didn't take long for me to know what it was that I wanted to do: entrepreneurship. Butler has helped fuel that drive in me. It showed me how much I can appreciate it. I transfered to WIchita State University to contiue my education. I also joined the National Guard and I'm currently on an educational break. I plan to finish my degree in entrepreneurship in the future and start my own business. "



Sara Batman
"The experience from DECA and the Butler Marketing Department prepared me for all of the challenges I have encountered in my career. Being a student graphic designer at Butler gave me hands-on experience of what graphic design is like in the real world. The experience I got from the conferences I attended while in DECA gave me a good background in marketing as well as preparation for what public speaking is really like. That has definitely played a part in my current job since I have to speak to small groups when I do sketches at workshops."

"My experience in DECA and at Butler is always with me. Everything I learned at Butler is the foundation of who I am today and I am proud to be a Butler alum."