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Welcome to the challenging and rewarding world of nursing! Our nursing program provides an Nurse getting an injection ready environment of active inquiry in which our well-prepared faculty develop learning activities to guide your learning. We will assist you in applying evidenced based professional practice in medical-surgical, obstetric, pediatric, and mental health nursing. As a graduate of the Butler Associate of Applied Science Nursing program, you will have many opportunities.

A commitment to excellence is the expectation of the nursing profession, and as a student in the Butler Community College Nursing Program you are required to demonstrate this commitment throughout the educational process. The rigorous curriculum will require you to pay attention to detail, follow directions regarding assignments, and set aside an appropriate amount of time for reading, study, and comprehension of the complex material under study.

However, it’s not all about work. As you progress through our nursing program, you will form wonderful relationships with classmates and faculty that will last a lifetime. Come join us in the journey of nursing.

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Name: Mills, Anita
Building: 1500
Office: 15242
Phone: (316)322-3140
Ext: 3146
E-mail: amills@butlercc.edu

Name: Smith, Kerri
Building: 1500
Office: 15237
Phone: (316)322-3140
Ext: 3140
E-mail: ksmith@butlercc.edu