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Nursing Curriculum Sequence

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
EG 101 English Composition I 3
BS 160 General Psychology 3
BI 240 * Anatomy and Physiology 5
MA 135 or above Math Requirement** 3
First Semester
NR 105 Foundations of Patient Centered Care 10
NR 107 Care of the Aging Adult 1
NR 230 Pathophysiology 4
Second Semester
NR 106 Patient Centered Care of the Developing Individual and Family 10
BS 260 Developmental Psychology 3
NR 110 Therapeutic Nutrition 3
Third Semester
NR 202 Patient Centered Care in Mental Health and High Acuity Medical-Surgical Environments 9
BI 250 * Microbiology 5
Fourth Semester
NR 203 Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing Practice 9
EG 102 or SP 100 or SP 102 English Composition II or Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication 3
  Humanities, Fine Arts or Social Behavioral Science elective (Not BS 270 Child Psychology) 3

*Chemical Review for Biological Science (BI 105) is highly recommended prior to BI 240 and BI 250.
*Anatomy and Physiology / Microbiology must have been completed within the last 5 years at the semester of admission into the nursing program.
** Math131 (College Algebra with Review) will satisfy this requirement.

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Last Updated: September 2013