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About Philosophy

Philosophy is the study of the intellectual foundations of virtually every area of human thought and endeavor. Courses in philosophy help you, the student, to develop critical habits of thinking and skill in understanding complex issues. "Philosophy I" and "Ethics" provide you with the opportunity to analyze and critique some of the metaphysical, epistemological, and axiological theories of the Western world's greatest philosophers.

About Religion

According to a Department textbook, the term "religion" is very generally defined as a spiritual path, one which is concerned with the deepest level of reality, the ultimate reality. Through the courses it offers, the BCC Religion Department enables you, the student, to analyze the major, living religions of the world through a study of their origins, the social and geographical environments from which they emerged, their historical development, literature and their principal tenets and practices. On the basis of these analyses, your teacher will encourage you to draw your own conclusions concerning each of the world's major, living religions.