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Speech Communication

student speakingAre you prepared to speak in public? Does stage fright prevent you for expressing yourself? The Speech Communication department at Butler prepares tomorrow's leaders for success. Master the essential art of interpersonal communication with skills such as listening, persuasion, audience analysis, relational communication, and speech preparation and delivery.

Our instructors are very aware that for many students, our courses may be their first exposure to public speech and communication. Butler creates a friendly environment in each class, allowing students to develop confidence in a supportive atmosphere.

Speech courses will enhance your college experience and increase success in other classes, success that will continue well after your formal studies have ended. Prepare for tomorrow today!

contact info
Name: Greg May
Location: BOE
Building: 100
Office: 130
Phone: (316) 322-3112
E-mail: gmay@butlercc.edu

Name: Alexis Hopkins
Location: BOA
Building: 5000
Office: 5116S
Phone: (316) 218-6267
E-mail: ahopkins@butlercc.edu